The Data Science Interview Series to Break into FAANG

The Motivation

As a Data Scientist, you are both the mastermind and the gatekeeper of your company’s metrics. Every decision your company makes is in service of these metrics.

That is why it is vital to have the right metrics in place.

It is also why metric definition questions come up so frequently in Data Science interviews. These questions test your ability to understand the goal of a product, trace the user journey with that product and map both the goal and the journey to a set of quantifiable measures commonly known as metrics.

This is the first of two articles to…

Four lessons I learned from making $80K overnight — and being very lucky

A business woman and man being controlled by marionette strings.
A business woman and man being controlled by marionette strings.
Image via Adobe Stock under license to Hani Azam

I wanted two things from my first job out of college: (1) work that somewhat aligned with my major and (2) a salary that hit the six-figure mark.

To be clear, I didn’t think I deserved six figures. Six figures just seemed to be the right mix of:

  1. justifying an overpriced education that left me tens of thousands of dollars in debt
  2. saving face from friends triumphantly touting offer letters with starting salaries that could feed a small village.

So when I got an offer to work as a Data Scientist at a Silicon Valley (gentle) giant, I was thrilled…

The Data Science Interview Preparation Series to Break into FAANG

Last time, we were in the process of solving the following Data Science interview question asked at Facebook:

You notice that the percent of users that clicked on a search result about a Facebook Event increased 10% week-over-week. How would you investigate?

[Source: Glassdoor]

We concluded that the ranking algorithm for search results had changed to down-rank Groups in favor of Events. As a result, the percent of users clicking on events increased by 10% week-over-week.

We hypothesized that Facebook intentionally changed the ranking algorithm to encourage more users to attend events. This left us with two questions that we will address today:

  1. Just because the number of people that clicked on events increased, does that mean the number of people that actually attended

The Data Science Interview Preparation Series to Break into FAANG

Last week, I introduced a guide to Answering the Data Science Metric Change Interview Question. But this guide wasn’t just a framework for a hypothetical interview. It’s the exact framework I used to ace the first round of my Data Science interview at Facebook.

So this week, I want to put theory into practice. I went on Glassdoor (as one does), and pulled the most recent Data Science interview question around a metric change (as of the date this was written).

Delta Analytics is reimagining data for good. We have been since 2013 and we invite you to join us. This year is the second year of our Global Teaching Fellows program. In 2020, we focused the program on building distributed technical capacity around the world. Our goal is simple — to empower educators around the world to teach machine learning in their communities.

Who are we?

Delta Analytics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded 7 years ago with a focus on helping nonprofits advance their mission through data-driven solutions. …

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