The Data Science Interview Preparation Series to Break into FAANG

Last week, I introduced a guide to Answering the Data Science Metric Change Interview Question. But this guide wasn’t just a framework for a hypothetical interview. It’s the exact framework I used to ace the first round of my Data Science interview at Facebook.

So this week, I want to put theory into practice. I went on Glassdoor (as one does), and pulled the most recent Data Science interview question around a metric change (as of the date this was written).

Delta Analytics is reimagining data for good. We have been since 2013 and we invite you to join us. This year is the second year of our Global Teaching Fellows program. In 2020, we focused the program on building distributed technical capacity around the world. Our goal is simple — to empower educators around the world to teach machine learning in their communities.

Who are we?

Delta Analytics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded 7 years ago with a focus on helping nonprofits advance their mission through data-driven solutions. …

Hani Azam

Data Scientist at Facebook. Procrastinating Entrepreneur. Interview Enthusiast. In Pursuit of Focus & Flow.

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